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      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Assay validation
      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Start of a new optimization process
      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Finding of stem cell growth modulators
      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Repurposing / Repositioning

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      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Resupply of hits (hit-likeness confirmed)
      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL New purchase of Libraries
      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Hit Follow-up services
      PRESTWICK CHEMICAL SAR studies and optimization projects

A Few Examples Of Successful Application In Drug Repurposing:

Old Target / Indication New Target / Field
Immunosuppressant Muscular dystrophy (1)
Antibacterial Cancer (2)
Vasodilatator Fungal infections (3)
Cardiotonic Neurodegenerative (and other) diseases (4)
Antihypertensive drug Anti-Prions (5)
Antimalarial drug Viral infection (6)
Vasodilatator Immune suppression (7)
Neuroleptic, analgesic, antiinflamatory drug Cancer (8)
Antimalarial, antihelminthic drug Cancer (9)
Antimicrobial, photosensitizer Cancer (10)

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(2) . Yip K. W. et al. "Benzethonium chloride: a novel anticancer agent identified by using a cell-based small-molecule screen". Clinical Cancer Research, 2006, 12, 5557-5569

(3) . Rao F.V. et al. "Methylxanthine drugs are chitinase inhibitors: investigation of inhibition and binding modes". Chemistry & Biology, 2005, 12, 973-980

(4) . Stoilov et al. "A high throughput screening strategy identifies cardiotonic steroids as alternative splicing modulators". PNAS (2008) 105 (32), 11218-11223

(5) . Tribouillard-Tanvier D. "Antihypertensive drug Guanabenz is active in vivo against both yeast and mammalian prions". Plos One (2008), 3(4), 1981.

(6) . Porotto M et al. "Simulating henipavirus multicycle replication in a screening assay leads to identification of a promising candidate for therapy". J Virol . (2009), 83(10), 5148-5155

(7) . Mulero M.A .et al. "Inhibiting the Calcineurin-NFAT (Nuclear Factor of Activated T Cells) Signaling Pathway with a Regulator of Calcineurin-derived Peptide without Affecting General Calcineurin Phosphatase Activity". The Journal of Biological Chemistry 2009 284(14). 9394–9401

(8) . Iorns E et al. Parallel RNAi and compound screens identify the PDK1 pathway as a target for tamoxifen sensitization Biochem. J. (2009) 417, 361–370

(9) . Orzaez M et al. Deciphering the antitumoral activity of quinacrine: Binding to and inhibition of Bcl-xL. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 19 (2009) 1592-1595

(10) . Polireddy K. et al. A Novel Flow Cytometric HTS Assay Reveals FunctionalModulators of ATP Binding Cassette Transporter ABCB6 PLoS ONE, 2012, 7, 1-14


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