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A drug screening assay on cancer cells chronically adapted to acidosis.

Pellegrini P, Serviss JT, Lundbäck T, Bancaro N, Mazurkiewicz M, Kolosenko I, Yu D, Haraldsson M, D'Arcy P, Linder S, De Milito A.
Cancer Cell Int. n°25 vol 18 147 (2018)

Drug screening for the identification of compounds with anticancer activity is commonly performed using cell lines cultured under normal oxygen pressure and physiological pH. However, solid tumors are characterized by a microenvironment with limited access to nutrients, reduced oxygen supply and acidosis. Tumor hypoxia and acidosis have been identified as important drivers of malignant progression and contribute to multicellular resistance to different forms of therapy. Tumor acidosis represents an important mechanism mediating drug resistance thus the identification of drugs active on acid-adapted cells may improve the efficacy of cancer therapy.

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