Prestwick Phytochemical Library

The Prestwick PhytoChemical LibraryPrestwick Chemical has assembled a new compound collection, the Prestwick Phytochemical Library, for natural product screening.

The Prestwick Phytochemical Library contains 320 natural products:

  • Mostly derived from plants
  • Assembled by medicinal chemists
  • Rich in diverse chemotypes
  • Realistic for follow-up chemistry


  • Original starting point in hit/lead discovery programs
  • General biological activity screening
  • Scaffold-hopping strategies
The Prestwick Phytochemical Library provides a set of natural products derived from plants. It is assembled from compounds carefully selected to match the requirements of activity screening.

This approach enhances your chance of finding original starting points in drug discovery programs.


Solution in DMSO*:

  • Ready for screening
  • 96 well plates with 8x10 plating
  • Volumes: 500ÁL, 200ÁL and 100ÁL
  • Concentration:10mM
*Custom plating and custom volumes available upon request Powder form:
  • Delivered in vials
  • 5-10mg quantities for follow-up
  • Certificates of analysis available

List of compounds available

Excel and SD files available upon request


About 1/3 of all drugs have come from natural product sources, including aspirin, penicillin and taxol*.

* Natural Products as Sources of New Drugs over the last 25 years: J. Nat. Prod., 2007, 70, 461-477

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