Prestwick Original Molecules Library

Prestwick Original Molecules Library:
innovative and exclusive screening compounds

This Library is made of a collection of 344 original exclusive compounds representing your premium resource for novel screening hit discovery.
All molecules have been designed to ensure optimal chemical diversity and are suitable for various structural modifications yielding analogs with promising IP positions. The library combines promising drug-like properties as well as favorable ADME-Tox properties with high potential therapeutic score.

A unique and diversified library of original & exclusive drug-like compounds

  • An original collection of 344 exclusive compounds
    • Designed while considering drug-like properties
    • Optimal diversity, suitable for multiple chemical modifications
    • Promising IP positions
    • Small drug-like molecules (mean MW: 395)


  • Innovative compounds with favorable lead-like properties (Oprea) and as well as drug-like properties (Lipinski)


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  • Using a structure-based approach (pharmacophore-based virtual screening), each compound was investigated for its potential interactions with protein targets ranging from CNS to oncology, cardiovascular and antimicrobial fields. Target prediction shows that the selected Prestwick Original Molecules might be active in different therapeutic areas during development processes.

Prestwick Original Molecules Library: Multi-format suitable for different research modalities

  • In powder form, 10-100mg with cherry-picking options
  • Pre-dissolved at 10mM in DMSO, ready for screening (any volume from 100µL to 1mL)
  • In 96 or 384 well plates (Greiner/ Micronics) or in customers’ plates
  • Optional 2D barcodes offer
  • Customization for volume or mapping
  • Stability in DMSO: 5 years at -20°C
  • Shipping under dry ice conditions
  • Always provided with a database as structural data file (SDF), IsisBase (DB) as well as an XLS file
  • Re-supply of any hit-compound guaranteed up to 100 mg

Prestwick Original Molecules Library: Multiple applications for various purposes

  • Small molecule screening
  • Original starting points in hit/lead discovery programs


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