Prestwick Chemical Library®: 1520 drugs mainly FDA-approved – New Update Coming Soon !

Prestwick Chemical Library®:
1520 FDA-approved & EMA-approved drugs for HTS and HCS screening

A team of in-house medicinal chemists and pharmacists has committed to selecting highly relevant screening compounds for >25 years, in order to offer a screening collection of off-patent drugs with high chemical and pharmacological diversity, as well as known bioavailability and safety in humans.We provide you with the professional technical support along with the high-quality products at the most competitive price and the shortest delivery time. Check The Success Stories 500+ publications

A diversified marketed drugs library targeting +600 targets designed for repurposing/repositioning

  • A unique collection of 1520 small molecules, 98% being marketed approved drugs (mostly FDA-approved, several approved in Europe (EMA) and Japan (PMDA)
  • High chemical diversity, assessed medicinal activity
  • Extended pharmacological diversity (according mostly WHO ATC Classification 5, please view Therapeutic group distribution graph below)
  • More than 600 targets addressed (see graph below)
  • Specially designed to increase potential high-quality and safe hits
  • Fast delivery



  • Constant in-house quality control ensures high purity and stable molecules
  • Including a database with Newly identified targets and New Application data (according to publications)
  • Hit-list examination and expansion (offered for free free) and Analoging service around hits/leads
  • Hit-likeness and hit-workability have been reported over the past 25 years by users in 500+ publications


Publications citing the Prestwick Chemical Library



  • Rademakers, T. et al. Identification of Compounds Protecting Pancreatic Islets against Oxidative Stress Using a 3D Pseudoislet Screening Platform. Advanced Biology 7 (12), 2300264 (2023).
  • Selvin, T. et al. Phenotypic Screening Platform Identifies Statins as Enhancers of Immune Cell-Induced Cancer Cell Death. BMC Cancer 23 (1), 164 (2023).
  • Wehrli, L. et al. The Action of Physiological and Synthetic Steroids on the Calcium Channel CatSper in Human Sperm. Front Cell Dev Biol 11, 1221578 (2023).

Check The Success Stories 500+ publications

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Prestwick Chemical Library® : A multi-format library with a highly annotated database

  • In powder form, 10-100mg with cherry-picking options
  • Pre-dissolved at 10mM in DMSO, ready for screening (any volume from 100µL to 1mL)
  • In 96 or 384 well plates (Greiner/ Micronics/Matrix) or in customers’ plates
  • Customization for volume, mapping or compound selection
  • Re-supply of any hit-compound guaranteed up to 100 mg
  • Stability in DMSO: 5 years at -20°C
  • Shipping under dry ice conditions
  • Always provided with a highly annotated database as structural data file (SDF), reaction data file (RDF), IsisBase (DB) as well as an XLS file
  • Database annotation includes target, therapeutic class/effect, side effects, patent, ADMET information, BBB crossing, CNS-penetration…
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