Prestwick Chemical Library®: 1520 drugs mainly FDA-approved

Prestwick Chemical Library®:
1520 FDA-approved & EMA-approved drugs for HTS and HCS screening


A team of in-house medicinal chemists and pharmacists has committed to selecting highly relevant screening compounds for >25 years, in order to offer a screening collection of off-patent drugs with high chemical and pharmacological diversity, as well as known bioavailability and safety in humans.



A diversified marketed drugs library targeting +600 targets designed for repurposing/repositioning


    • A unique collection of 1520 small molecules, 98% being marketed approved drugs (mostly FDA-approved and EMA , some approve in Japan and other agencies)
    • High chemical diversity, assessed medicinal activity
    • High pharmacological diversity (according WHO ATC Classification 5, see below)
    • More than 600 targets addressed (see graph below)
    • Specially designed to increase potential high-quality hits
    • Hit-likeness and hit-workability have been reported over the past 25 years by users in 400+ publications 
    • Constant in-house quality control ensures high purity and stable molecules
    • Including a database with Newly identified targets and New Application data (according to publications)
    • Possibility of analoging around hits



Publications citing the Prestwick Chemical Library



  • Han, Y. et al. Identification of SARS-CoV-2 Inhibitors using Lung and Colonic Organoids. Nature 589, 270–275 (2021).
  • Eydoux, C. et al. A fluorescence-based high throughput-screening assay for the SARS-CoV RNA synthesis complex. J. Virol. Methods 288, 114013 (2021).
  • Soleilhac, E. et al. Quantitative Automated Assays in Living Cells to Screen for Inhibitors of Hemichannel Function. SLAS Discov. 1–8 (2020).
  • Crowe, A. et al. Compound screening in cell-based models of tau inclusion formation: Comparison of primary neuron and HEK293 cell assays. J. Biol. Chem. 295, 4001–4013 (2020).
  • Montanuy, H. et al. High content drug screening for Fanconi anemia therapeutics. Orphanet J. Rare Dis. 15, 1–9 (2020).
  • Touret, F. et al. In vitro screening of a FDA approved chemical library reveals potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 replication. bioRxiv 2020.04.03.023846 (2020).
  • Foerster, S. et al. The first wide-scale drug repurposing screen using the Prestwick Chemical Library (1200 bioactive molecules) against Neisseria gonorrhoeae identifies high in vitro activity of auranofin and many additional drugs. J. Pathol. Microbiol. Immunol. 128, 242–250 (2020).


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Prestwick Chemical Library® : A multi-format library with a highly annotated database

  • In powder form, 10-100mg with cherry-picking options
  • Pre-dissolved at 10mM in DMSO, ready for screening (any volume from 100µL to 1mL)
  • In 96 or 384 well plates (Greiner/ Micronics) or in customers’ plates
  • Optional 2D barcodes offer
  • Customization for volume or mapping
  • Re-supply of any hit-compound guaranteed up to 100 mg


  • Stability in DMSO: 5 years at -20°C
  • Shipping under dry ice conditions
  • Always provided with a highly annotated database as structural data file (SDF), reaction data file (RDF), IsisBase (DB) as well as an XLS file
  • Database annotation includes target, therapeutic class/effect, side effects, patent, ADMET information, BBB crossing, CNS-penetration…
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