Prestwick Peptidic Macrocycle Library

A Unique Library of 400 Peptidic Macrocycles

Prestwick and GENEPEP propose a library of high purity 400 short macrocyclic peptides designed with a mix of natural and non-natural amino acids and different types of cyclization (disulfide, lactam, triazole). Macrocyclization can provide a method of improving target potency and modulating selectivity. Cyclic peptides in comparison to their linear counterparts combine multiple interesting properties like low toxicity and improved enzymatic stability.


Key features

  • A collection of 400 short (5 amino acids), chemically synthesized peptidic macrocycles containing natural and non-natural amino acids
  • 17 or 20-membered ring
  • Different cyclization motifs (disulfide, lactam, triazole) – Mean MW: 570
  • Constrained, stabilized peptide sequences with exposed side chains
  • Conveniently prepared, ready for multiple screenings


The Prestwick Peptidic Macrocycle Library is a great starting point to identify enzyme inhibitors, agonist or antagonists of GPCRs, protein-protein interaction disruptors (inhibitors).

How Provided?

  • Lyophilized in five 96-well plates. The amount of compound in each well is 0.1 µmol and yields a 1 mM peptidic macrocycle solution when adding 100 µL of solvent
  • Powder form on request


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