Prestwick Phytochemical Library

Prestwick Phytochemical Library:
A set of small natural molecules
from natural origin

The phytochemical library is a collection of 320 purified compounds, mostly from plants. Rich in diverse chemotypes, compounds were selected by medicinal chemists to fit with follow-up chemistry.

This library is made of various classes of compounds: flavonoids, lignans, alkaloids, quinones, etc…., the compounds originating from randomly selected plants, but all known for having pharmacological activity.



A unique source of natural and purified compounds with drug-like features for hit/lead discovery

  • High chemotype diversity
  • Good balance of known active and well-characterized phytochemicals in combination with unusual isolated compounds
  • Extended chemical diversity (see graph below)
  • High-quality hit guaranteed
  • Mean MW: 312
  • Purity > 90% for all compounds
  • Follow-up chemistry as a service
  • Constant quality control ensures high purity and stable compounds


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Phytochemical Library: Multi-format suitable for different research modalities

  • In powder form, 10 mg with cherry-picking options
  • Pre-dissolved at 10mM in DMSO, ready for screening (any volume from 100µL to 1mL)
  • In 96 or 384 well plates (Greiner/ Micronics) or in customers’ plates
  • Optional 2D barcodes offer
  • Customization for volume or mapping
  • Stability in DMSO: 5 years at -20°C
  • Shipping under dry ice conditions
  • Database annotation includes molecular family, plant family, genus and species, pharmacological activity, target information, …
  • Re-supply of any hit-compound guaranteed up to 100 mg

Phytochemical Library: Multiple applications

  • Assay validation with proven pharmacologically-active compounds
  • Original starting point in hit/lead discovery program


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