Compound Supply and Analoging

Hit confirmation and analoging

Using experimental customer data, our medicinal chemists perform in depth analysis of screening hits and select hit series of interest to confirm first activity. This service has been designed as Service as a Product (SaaP) and includes the following tasks:


  • Analysis of customer’s screening hits and classification into chemical families
  • Selection of 1-5 hit series of interest for the project (structural/med chem analysis)
  • Re-supply of selected hits (from the Prestwick Chemical Library® or any other Prestwick library) for validation
  • Search for structural analogues in the available chemical space.
    Selection of 10-30 analogues per series
  • Purchase of the relevant analogues
    Quality Control and shipment of the analogues at 10mg to the customer in the requested format for primary screening testing


10-30 analogues (5-10 mg)


1-4 months depending on the number of selected hit series