Resupply and Analoging

Compound resupply

Re-supply of selected hits from the Prestwick Chemical Library® or any other Prestwick library for validation is offered :

  • at 10 to 100mg in dark glass vials,
  • at 10mM in DMSO coming in 96 well plates.

Compounds are provided with a database in XLS format.


Hit confirmation and compound analoging

This service includes:

  • in depth analysis of screening hits and hit classification into chemical families,
  • selection of hit series of interest for the project (structural/med chem analysis),
  • search for structural analogs in the available chemical space,
  • selection of min. 10 compounds per series, if possible,
  • purchase of the relevant analogs or synthesis of analogs (see Custom Synthesis),
  • QC of the compounds.

Deliverable: compounds in powder or DMSO format, as for resupply