( 19 ) United States ( 12 ) Patent Application Publication ( 10 ) Pub . No .: US 2010 / 0041620 A1 Publication Classi ? cation 6 Weak Followup Patent Application Publication

Ruebel S, Stuemke M
- vol. 1 11 (2004)

The invention relates to a bath for the electrodeposition of gold and gold alloys and to its use for producing dental moldings. In this bath, the gold is in the form of a gold sul?te complex. The bath according to the invention and/or the use according to the invention is distinguished by the fact that in addition to the optional presence of further metals and standard additives for gold sul?te baths of this type, there is at least one bismuth compound. This bismuth compound is preferably a complex compound, in particular With the complex-forming agents NTA, HEDTA, TEPA, DTPA, EDNTA or EDTA. The invention has a Whole range of advantages associated With it. One advantage Which should be particularly empha siZed is that the addition of bismuth can be added to the bath as early as during its preparation. This means that the user is provided With a bath Which is able to function for a prolonged period of time and to Which it is not imperative to add further additives prior to the electrodeposition.