Identification of Compounds Protecting Pancreatic Islets against Oxidative Stress Using a 3D Pseudoislet Screening Platform

Rademakers, T.; Sthijns, M. M. J. P. E.; Paulino da Silva Filho, O.; Joris, V.; Oosterveer, J.; Lam, T. W.; van Doornmalen, E.; van Helden, S.; LaPointe, V. L. S.
Advanced Biology 7 (12), 2300264 (2023)

Oxidative stress leads to a lower success rate of clinical islet transplantation

Here, FDA-approved compounds are screened for their potential to decrease oxidative stress and to protect or enhance pancreatic islet viability and function. Studies are performed on in vitro “pseudoislet” spheroids, which are pre-incubated with 1280 different compounds and subjected to oxidative stress.

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