Non-Steroidal Estrogens Inhibit Influenza Virus by Interacting with Hemagglutinin and Preventing Viral Fusion

Franzi, E.; Mathez, G.; Dinant, S.; Deloizy, C.; Kaiser, L.; Tapparel, C.; Le Goffic, R.; Cagno, V.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (20), 15382 (2023)

Influenza virus is one of the main causes of respiratory infections worldwide

Despite the availability of seasonal vaccines and antivirals, influenza virus infections cause an important health and economic burden. Therefore, the need to identify alternative antiviral strategies persists. In this study, we identified non-steroidal estrogens as potent inhibitors of influenza virus due to their interaction with the hemagglutinin protein, preventing viral entry. This activity is maintained in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo. Therefore, we found a new domain to target on the hemagglutinin and a class of compounds that could be further optimized for influenza treatment.

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