Success Stories

Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors of β–Amyloid Cytotoxicity through a Cell-based High-Throughput Screening Platform

Journal of Biomolecular Screening

Seyb KI, Schuman ER, Ni J, Huang M, Michaelis ML, Glicksman MA
Journal of Biomolecular Screening - vol. 13 870-878 (2008)

Molecule Inhibitors of the Mitotic Kinase Haspin By High-Throughput Screening Using a Homogeneous Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Assay

Journal of biomolecular screening

Patnaik D, Xian J
Journal of biomolecular screening - vol. 13 1025-1034 (2008)

A High-Throughput Screening Assay for Small Molecules

Krysan DJ, Didone L

Protein Folding Activity of Ribosomal RNA Is a Selective Target of Two Unrelated Antiprion Drugs


D T, Reis SD, Gug F, Huang C, Sabate R, Kikovska E, Talarek N, Vilette D
PLoS ONE - vol. 3 (2008)

Incidence and specificity of drug-induced trafficking inhibition of cardiac ion channels

Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods

Wible BA
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods - vol. 60 223 (2009)

Computer-aided prediction of rodent carcinogenicity by PASS and CISOC-PSCT

QSAR and Combinatorial Science

Lagunin A, Filimonov D, Zakharov A, Xie W, Huang Y, Zhu F, Shen T, Yao J, Poroikov V
QSAR and Combinatorial Science - vol. 28 806-810 (2009)

Computer-aided prediction of rodent carcinogenicity for the external test set consisting of 293 chemicals was performed by PASS (Prediction of Activity Spectra for Substances) and by CISOC-PSCT. The set included 64 carcinogens from ISS Carcinogens Data Bank and 229 noncarcinogens from the Prestwick Chemical Library. We calculated the accuracy of carcinogenicity prediction by PASS and […]

A High-Throughput Method to Identify Novel Senescene-Inducing Compounds

J Biomol Screen

Ewald JA, Peters N, Desotelle JA, Hoffmann FM, Jarrard DF
J Biomol Screen - vol. 14 853-858 (2009)

NIH Public Access

Manuscript A, Formation HTF
- vol. 358 1-6 (2009)

Kinetic-Based High-Throughput Screening Assay to Discover Novel Classes of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor Inhibitors

Journal of Biomolecular Screening

Ouertatani-Sakouhi H, Liu M, El-Turk F, Cuny GD, Glicksman MA, Lashuel HA
Journal of Biomolecular Screening - vol. 15 347-358 (2010)

Pharmacophores in drug research

Molecular Informatics

Langer T
Molecular Informatics - vol. 29 470-475 (2010)

The pharmacophore concept in modern drug research is highlighted and the most important use examples and success stories are reviewed. These include papers from method development as well as from application areas. As indicated by the number of publications available, the pharmacophore approach has proven to be extremely useful as interface between medicinal and computational […]